Will list the better known Primordials

Denev (Known as the Earth Mother) – See Gods
This Primordial joined with the Gods in the fight against the rest of the Primordials. She created some new races to assist in this fight. She survived the war and is still worshipped by Druids and some other races today. Though looked at askance dues to worshipping a Primordial, her temples are accepted and her followers are tolerated as they proved themselves during the war.

Chern – defeated and interred in the Mourning Marches
Created vermin of all breeds, even vermin who walk as humans.

Gaurak – When he was defeated the gods extracted his 100 teeth before entombing him deep in the earth. His discarded teeth are said to have taken the form of mountains, colossal obelisks and even trees, tainting the land near them.
Created bloated creatures to feed his own appetite and hunter-herders to bring him other foodstuffs.

Golthain – granted a merciful death by the gods
Created some Giants to serve him and few other races.

Golthagga – slain at his own forge and his remains strewn throughout creation
Created many aberrations from normal beasts.

Gormoth – split from skull to crotch by Vangal and Chardoon, each half was placed on opposite sides of a great chasm.
Created individual creatures.

Gulaben – rarely made her presence known, some doubt her existence.

Hrinruuk – a vile foe during the divine war (stalked and slew Hedrada’s daughter, the Goddess of lore)
Created primordial spawn that would provide him some challenge in the hunt. With his death these creatures are now savaging the world.

Kahdum – had his heart cut from his chest, chained to a rock and hurled into the deepest ocean. To this day, the Blood Sea runs red with his polluting ichor.
Still creates (through his tainted blood) feral mermen and other fell sea monsters (Sahaguin)

Lathene – the gods tamed this ‘Dame of the Storms’… Records do not say how, just that it was done.

Mesos – The first primordial to be felled by the gods. When his form was sundered, the explosion flung parts to the farthest reaches of existence.
Created many races… some monstrous, some beautiful, some giant, some tiny… all filled with arcane power.

Mormo – her heart was ripped out by Chardun and placed in a containment vessel…. at which time her body exploded
Created hags, gorgons, juan-ti… dozens of races

Thulkas – Mighty Corean bent and pressed this primordial (that burned with the heat of a 1000 suns) upon Golthagga’s forge and hammered him into the shape of an arrow. Tanil drew back her great bow and fired that arrow into the sun itself.
Created many creatures with an affinity to fire and earth as well as putting his mark on many of the goblin races.


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