Corean – The Avenger; The Champion.

God of Chivalry, Craftwork, Strength, Protection and Wisdom
Of all the gods, none has provided more for his worshippers than Corean the Champion, leader of the gods during the Divine War.
Domains: Fire, Good, Law, Protection and War
Symbol: Four longswords forming a compass rose

Madriel – The Redeemer; The First Angel of Mercy

Goddess of Sun, Light, Sky, Redemption, Healing and Agriculture
Madriel, merciful and beautiful, cures all ills and illuminates people’s homes and quickens life in the fields with her warming sun.
The Divine War chronicles Madriel’s aspect as Redeemer; an armored angel, wings of a peacock feather, a spear formed of pure white sunlight.
Twin sister of Belsameth.
Domains: Air, Good, Healing, Plants, Sun
Symbol: Spear with a tassel of peacock feathers

Tanil – The Huntress

Goddess of Travel, Hunting, Forestry, Music, Archery, Freedom and Good Fortune
Tanil is seldom worshipped in the cities of the land. Like the chosen goddess, her worshippers spend their days on the highways and in the wilds.
Elves, who lost their own god in the Divine War, and some Primordial spawn seeking redemption (such as dryads and unicorns) also venerate Tanil.
Domains: Animals, Chaos, Luck, Plants, Travel, Trickery

Hedrada – The Lawgiver; The Judge

God of Law, Justice, Wealth, Order, Cities and Knowledge
Hedrada receives credit as the first god to realise that the Primordials had to be stopped if the world was to be preserved.
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Protection
Symbol: Two-handed hammer

Denev – the Earth Mother (Primordial)

The only primordial that was spared the god`s retribution. Denev remains a divinity because of her wisdom, which counseled her to ally with the Gods against the other primordials. The war that waged across the land that was itself Denev left many scars on the Earth Mother, apparently driving her into retreat.
Domains: Air, Animals, Earth, Fire, Plants, Water
Symbol: Stone sickle with a flowering wooden hilt

Enkili – The Trickster; The Shapeshifter; The Unlucky

God or Goddess of Storms, Trickery, Chaos and Misfortune
Enkili embodies the pure chaos of a storm infused with a holy presence. Those who place faith in Enkili most commonly worship his godly aspect; sailors, however, make offerings to Enkili the goddess that she might spare their ships.
Domains: Air, Chaos, Luck, Travel, Trickery
Symbol: Mask decorated with lightning shooting from the eye slits

Chardun – The Slaver; The Overlord; The Great General

God of War, Domination, Conquest, Avarice and Pain
Let no one doubt the contributions of Chardoon in freeing the world of the Primordials… however much respect for the Slaver ends there. His mortal adherents emulate their god through their military ambitions and domination of the weak.
Domains: Evil, Law, Strength, War
Symbol: Blood-soaked golden scepter, crowned with a thorny laurel wreath

Belsameth – The Slayer; The Assassin

Goddess of Darkness, Death, Nightmares, Deception, Witchcraft and Madness
While Madriel`s sun warms the land, Belsameth`s cold moon brings death to the weak of body, madness to the weak of mind and despair to the weak of spirit.
Domains: Death, Evil, Magic, Trickery
Symbol: Thin silver circle on a black field (signifying a lunar eclipse)

Vangal – The Reaver; The Ravager

God of Destruction, Pestilence, Famine, Bloodshed, Thunder and Disaster
Vangal, the eldest of the gods, is destruction given form, especially the destructiveness of war. He is death in an instant, as the god of volcanoes and disasters, and he is slow, wasting decline, as the god of disease and famine.
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, War
Symbol: Cloven shield dripping blood


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