Lesser of Two Evils

We made it to Lave!

We made it...

Well, the group continued their journey to Lave.

They met a peddler named Misner, Book bought a iron pot from him (haggling the poor trader down…) and they shared a mid-afternoon meal and tales of the road. Once they were finished they parted ways and each continued their journey.

The evening was quiet and the final day to Lave they saw a large dust cloud in the distance… which scared the Halfling into jumping off the moving horse that he shared with Kay . Unfortunately…. Falorin is very stealthy.. and.. Kay never noticed that his horse was riding a bit lighter until about… 20 minutes later. The party stopped, as they could discern that the dust cloud was caused by a number of creatures on road coming towards them. The decided to head back and try and find what happened to Falorin… the party split up with the dwarves heading north and Kay and the Sorcerer heading back the road.

The unfortunate part is… the cloud was a group of riders and from their perspective the party saw them and immediately split up and fled… this led to a pursuit. Once the parties were run down, they found that it was a couple of dozen members of a Vigil patrol. Things were sorted out, stories were told and the Vigil were pressed into duty as an escort back to Lave.

The ride back was quiet, but then a group of almost 30 will scare off most things :) When they reached Lave they road through the city to the Hall of Command of the Vigil and were met by the Majordomo, Trophion.

Storied were again told and the amphora was left with the Vigil. The group was told to come back in the morning after the Vigil had a chance to take a look into things.

The party found an Inn that would trade some basic rooms for entertainment (the combination of a bard and a magic act seemed to sway the Innkeeper).

The next morning, the group returned to the Hall of Command and were given a scroll, The Tale of the Serpent Amphora giving the party and idea of what they may have been carrying around with them.

With Kay’s promise kept to Eochad and the amphora delivered… the group was a lose ends. With no plans, they were told if they were interested there may be some help they could give the Vigil. So, they went across the Hall and met with a Vigil Lieutenant. She told them that they were rather swamped and there were a few things that they could possibly help with… the group being rather unknown in Lave.

With a list of 3 things that needed to all be completed today (of course) the group decided to set out to gather sea shells and clear a cave of a ‘Monster’ that scared off some kids.

Well, the party found the cave… started looking around it, finding some deeper spots of water (usually Tundil finding them) when they also found some large tentacles coming out of the water… with the battle well engaged with two mostly submerged tentacle monsters… another tentacled mostly struck from the ceiling (this last one being a carrion crawler).

Once the battle was over, the party checked the cave area finding a usable shell for the blacksmith as well as what seemed to have been a body dumped in the cave… the body having a magical weapon as well as a holy symbol of Chardun.



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