Lesser of Two Evils

The Road to Vesh

On the road again

Our adventurers continued on their way back to Trela to catch a barge. The day after the Zombie attack seemed quiet… too quiet. That evening on watch, the Sorcerer was certain that he saw something moving… after alerting the camp, and everyone getting ready and watching, the Halfling also thought he saw something… but.. after about an hour everyone went back to guard/sleep as it seemed a false alarm.

As the group was breaking camp and packing up in the morning, a pack of large Hyenas swarmed out of the bush and attacked the party. These Hyenas were followed by rather large arrows coming from the trees. The Camp had been attacked by a group of Gnoll Beastmasters with their Hyena hunting pack. After a pitched battle in which only one of the gnolls managed to escape, the party gathered what was left of their camp and continued on to Trela.

Just a few hours outside of Trela, the party was met by an escort… Radraan, the Belsamethan cleric of Trela met them with an escort of 6 guards and again tried to convince the party that the Amphora would be much safer if they let him take it off their hands and guard it with the resources that his temple could provide…. and the party, again, refused that idea. Radraan escorted the party back to Trela to help ensure that the Titanspawn did not attack again. On the way back, something was happening… the guards with Radraan were disappearing off their horses! This caused concern to everyone, including Radraan. Nobody was certain what happened… but the party made it back to Trela with Radraan and 6 empty horses…

The party caught the next barge to Vesh and had an uneventful time on the River. Once they disembarked from the barge they travelled cross country with one of the merchant wagons and decided to part ways with them about half-way across Vesh when the merchants had to stop for a couple of days to stock up.

A couple of nights later, the party was assaulted at night! Some humanoids, dressed all in black and seemingly fading in and out of sight attacked the group. This battle drug on for some time as the party put their backs together for defense and slowly whittled down the attackers. There was some speculation amongst the group that these attackers looked rather similar to those guards that disappeared when they were with Radraan before Trela.

Either way, the party has almost crossed Vesh and Lave is only a couple of days away.



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