Lesser of Two Evils

Tasks for the Vigils

More Tasks

When we last left out adventuring party they had just finished trudging through the water, slime and sewage filled cavern…

So, the day started with a quick dip in the river to clear off the mess.

The party returned to the Blacksmith and gave him the shell for his forging, for which he paid a bonus, then headed off to the docks.

Investigating the Customs issue led the group all over the city: the docks, the temples, the palace district, city hall, a customs holding warehouse, the barracks and Art’s Potions and Powders.

The party determined that Art Evendale has a gripe with the Merchant’s League and that he somehow made an arrangement with a guard at the customs warehouse and that Art is the only person in the city with easy access to the necromatic fluid that was discovered on the crate. After having the Halfling open the crate (very carefully) and check inside they determined that the necromatic fluid is only on the outside of the crate.

They took this evidence back to Commerce Adviser Hector and persuaded him to release the contents of the shipment.

Having completed two of the three tasks, they headed to the warehouse that information indicted held the smuggled shipment of lumber.

Discovering that there seemed to be no other entrance into the warehouse (made of fire-resistant wood) other than the two large, metal doors… including checking the roof and the back… Book decided to knock on the door… with his hammer… for about 15 minutes. After nobody coming to answer the door, they discover it is barred from the inside and Book decided to use his hammer to knock the door in… well, it was a mighty swing! and cracked the bar holding the door.

Kicking the door open, they discovered a large, dark warehouse. They also discovered a couple of human guards, a Tiefling assassin? and, up on some catwalks around the perimeter of the warehouse a couple of more Tieflings that loved to throw balls of hellfire and physic snakes… then ducking back down into cover.

The long hard fight did end with one of the Tiefling Hellfire throwers getting away, and during the fight the Sorcerer being on fire and taking physic damage, and the Bard both being on fire and poisoned.

With all three of their assigned tasks completed, the group headed back to the Hall of Command to claim their reward. As they are waiting for the Lieutenant, a Nobleman storms in with a couple of servants in tow, spends 5 minutes in the office yelling at the Lieutenant and then storming back out of the Hall… totally ignoring the party.

The Lieutenant comes out of her office, looks around and sees the group there and beckons them in.

She explains that there seems to be another urgent issue that just arose and she has nobody else she can assign to it immediately. It was reported that an armed group entered the city with a prisoner. The problem was, this group was not the Vigil nor the city guards. A local Nobleman has heard of this and is demanding action, so she needs the group to investigate immediately and take care of things. She does mention that it would be very beneficial if the group could keep some of the suspected kidnappers alive.

So, the group heads off to the Inn called The Three Old Kegs where it is rumored that this group yet. When the group arrives at the Inn they notice someone that looks familiar across the street from the Inn. This turns out to be one of the servants that was with the Nobleman that reported the kidnapping. When approached by one of the party and questioned, this servant says that he was sent here to watch and ensure that The Vigil took care of this problem and did not just ignore it or leave it until it is too late.

Entering the Inn, they do not see anything suspicious in the taproom. Asking around , they find that the Barkeep (a fellow dwarf) would share some information with Book once Book proved that they were there on official business (showing him the writ from The Vigil).

The Barkeep informs the party that there IS a group of mercenaries that have rented room 7 at the end of the corridor on the second level. He identified that the group included Dragonborn, a couple of Humans and what seems to be a Bugbear!

The party noticed a small boy selling flowers around the bar about to head upstairs, they called him over and paid him to go deliver some flowers to Room 7 and then come back and tell him what they said. He accepted their coins and went upstairs… returning after 5 minutes to tell them that a Dragonborn answered the door, and he could see a couple humans and a ‘large guy in a cloak’ in the room behind him. After delivering this information, the boy immediately left the Inn…. something a little strange about that interaction…



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