Lesser of Two Evils

Jobs Done!

Tasks Completed

Well, the party had to get a move on to investigate/rescue this potential kidnap victim… so, not much else to do but have the diplomatic dwarf, Tungdil, knock on the rooms door. Oddly, even knowing that the room was occupied minutes ago, there is no answer (what is it with this city and people not answering when the party knocks politely…).

So, they had the Halfling pick the lock (which he did in an astounding manner) and kicked open the door.

The room did contain a Dragonborn fighter, a Human Mage, a Bugbear (that liked using his hands to strangle the Dwarf) and a Shadar-Kai with a spiked chain.

After a good hearty fight, the party managed to subdue everyone (except that one that the Dwarf finished off in cold-blood) and found the ‘kidnap victim’ in a large chest.

The party also discovered a note to the mercenary group from a Lord Pendrake, instructing them to capture this person and return him as he had information that the Lord wanted.

The party returned them all to the Vigil and claimed their accolades and rewards… AND had a good nights rest as they were fairly run down and running low on resources.

The next day, Tungdil didn’t feel so good. Seems that he had contract Filth Fever from fighting in the sewage strewn cave. So, he sold off the Plate Armor he had been dragging around, gave half of the proceeds to the Halfling (figuring he would just steal it from him later if he didn’t) and found a temple that would cast the Ritual required to rid him of this Disease (for a generous donation of almost 200g). The Ritual was successful but it would take until the next day for all of the effects to clear out.

So with Tungdil laid up in the Temple, the Sorcerer spent the day playing with his puppets and working on his entertainment act while Kay and Falorin went to visit the Temple of Chardun. Upon arriving there, they realize that ‘these are not nice guys’… so to fit in, Kay introduces the Priest to his Halfling Slave.

After doing the Temple the service of telling them of their murdered followed they had found in the cave, and leading them there… the Priest of Chardun agreed that Kay could keep the Holy Symbol for his service.

Returning back to the Inn the group had a rather uneventful rest of the week… Until… a message arrived:

- – - – - – -

My Friends:

Please forgive the suddenness of this message. It is imperative that I speak with you; I have heard of your exploits from a variety of sources, including some of my own vigilants.

A situation has arisen that demands action, but I fear that my vigilants are hampered – quite frankly, they are too well known. We need someone of strength and dedication who is willing to undertake a task of no little danger. Rest assured, I would not seek to use outsiders unless it were absolutely necessary and the task of the utmost importance.

I would ask that you come as quickly as you might to the Hall of Command in the Veshian capitol of Lave. Present yourselves to the Majordomo there, a man named Trophion. Time is of the essence.

I thank you.
With kind regards,
Kelemis Durn,
Home Commander of Vesh



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