Xykon Yellowrope

Sorcerer travelling around the countryside looking for work


Lvl 1

AC – 13 Fort – 12 Ref – 14 Wis – 17

Cloth wearing, staff wielding, damage dealing, pie loving, cake hating, oops too much, sorcerer.


Xykon Yellowrope looks older than he actually is, mainly because of his white hair.

He wasn’t born in Trela, but for now, it is his home. Xykon’s not even sure the name of the town he was born in because his family moved around a lot. In fact, until he was 12, he didn’t spend more than 6 months in a town. Never sure why exactly, but his parents always packed up and left, and in most cases, in a hurry. If he ever meets his parents again, he should really ask them why.

Xykon learned at a young age that he had magical abilities and studied as a sorcerer under whoever he could find in whatever town they were in at the time. Oh, and he’s picked up a few other talents along the way too. He makes money at the local inn by performing magic tricks when not adventuring.

Likes: Pie, storms and card games
Dislikes: Cake, really hot weather and anyone who tries to kill him

Xykon Yellowrope

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