Tungdil aka "Fireheart"

Dwarven Figher


- red hair and beard, long scar on right side of face, wearing scale armor, helm, shield and hammer.
– A bit grumpy – short tempered
- Likes his ale and fighting, and adventure.
- Hit first, then drink later. Sometimes in that order but either way is fine with him.
- Distrusts Elves and Humans. Halfling’s are tolerable.
- Once you win his loyalty you will have it for life.
- He never mentions family, but does consider any kinsmen a relative
- He does not have a strong passion for religion but seems to have a curiosity,

- He is known by friends and enemies alike as ‘Fireheart’, on account of his unforgettable rage in combat.


Reason for leaving the hills
- sent to investigate the rumors of an orphaned Dwarf being raised by humans somewhere on the Ghelstad .

Tungdil aka "Fireheart"

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