Lesser of Two Evils

Night of the Rude Lizards

Asaathi come a calling

When we last left our adventurers they were just settling in for the night, taking stock of what they gained (or lost) during the day.
Having decided on a watch order (being a fairly new group, they decided on pairing up the watch as trust has not fully been earned by all) they settled in. However,in the middle of the night the Amphor started rattling and glowing a bright blue… it rolled onto the floor and a image appeared out of it… a terrible visage to behold that Book confirmed was an image of Chardun.
This image gives them a warning ‘Flee Fools! For they are upon you’. Well, our party gathered their wits and grabbed their gear at hand and discussed what they should do… when the door to the hideout was crashed in my a huge Assathi!

A horrendous fight ensued, the Asaathi Warrior and his wizard companion were eventually forced out into the alley, but the alert had been raised when they first broke down the door and reinforcements arrived. The halfling had scurried out his ‘emergency exit’ and scaled a building to fire down on them from the roof… The two dwarves held a front line with the Bard while the sorcerer lobbed magic into the battle.

Sadly, being very distracted with the frontal assault, the party did not notice the flanking motion from the enemy as another warrior and a wizard came in through the back exit (recently used by the Halfling) and accosted the poor Sorcerer. After valiant wrestling match with the Asaathi Warrior who, at over 6’ tall, simply overpowered the sorcerer and wrenched away the Amphor. The Amphor was magically snatched back down the back exit tunnel by the wizard who them called a retreat.

Our Heroes decided not to finish off the badly injured Asaathi but let him escape, leaving a very east trail to follow.

After a quick discussion with the party and the Elders of the Village, the Bard was released from the remainder of his time in the Militia so that the Titanspawn could be tracked and the Amhpora retrieved.

The party travelled though the Blood Steppes tracking the Asaathi party, managing to avoid any major conflicts (some Totems of Mormo did attack but were dispatched rather handily… no thanks to the ‘Sharp-Eyed’ Dwarven Warrior on watch at the time).

The party was able to determine that the Asaathi were met by a small party of Slithern and the merged group traveled on together. This group was eventually tracked to a small camp setup at the base of a waterfall.

Keeping an eye out for the Guards (some patrolling the cave behind the waterfall, some at the top of the waterfalls for vantage), the Heroes scouted then snuck up to the small camp all the while a fierce storm (that the Sorcerer informed the party is NOT a natural storm) quickly bears down on the camp.

Looking for a distraction and to draw some of the Asaathi out of the huts, the party has the Sorcerer magically set one of the hut roofs on fire! As the Asaathi poured from the huts…. we pause our story here :)


From Book’s Journal:
After the embarrassing showing at the Elder Rod duels, I was glad to have chance to redeem myself in true combat against the Assathi, and was found beardworthy.
After many days tracking, however, it was time for a day of recovery and contemplation. Perhaps in the combat to come I shall stand aside, and maybe fire a crossbow from time to time, like some sort of Ranger.

Night of the Rude Lizards

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