Welcome to the ‘Lesser of Two Evils’ where the adventurers will eventually try and answer the age old question of “How Good is the Lesser of Two Evils?” :)

This campaign is a remote campaign that is being run totally online.

Each player has their own PC, Webcam and Microphone.

The tools being used are TokBox or its API (for web conference), Ventrillo (for a better voice experience) and MapTools (from RPTools.net).

The campaign introduction and tech proofing passed on April 3. The only issue identified is that with 5 users of TokBox the voice lagged 6-7 seconds. With 4 users it was fine. Will try to increase the memory of the server.

Check calendar for next possible game date.


If some material, map or reference looks familiar… DON’T go looking for it :) I am borrowing from existing and old material for anything that looks like it fits with what I am planning on running. Example: The Map…. I suck at world maps but I found one that is close to what I’d want so I’m going to try and fit what I want to run into that map.

Lesser of Two Evils

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