Vigils of Vesh

An ancient and illustrious order of warriors. The origin of the Vigils dates over a century before the Divine War. They serve Vesh, but make their presence known throughout most of Ghelspad.

They are headquartered in the city of Lave, Capitol of the Nation of Vesh.

Enduring the training and entering the ranks of the Vigils is said to be a masochistic tribulation, befitting only the stoutest-hearted and strongest-willed of men. This can be attested in the hardiness of the few that have been captured by their enemies as even as they have shattered their bones on the torture racks, they divulged no meaningful intelligence.

Ultimately the Vigils are driven by a desire to do what is right. Though they have their weaknesses, they have a strength born of conviction. Anyone seeking to manipulate the Vigils treads on dangerous ground, for the wrath of the Vigils of Vesh might prove truly awesome to behold once aroused.

Vigils of Vesh

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