Trela is a village located on the river that serves as a border between New Venir and Legeni near the Blood Steppes.

Trela was founded in response to the number of trading caravans coming from Vesh seeking to use it as a jump-off point for continued travel into Calastia or east along the New Venir border towards nations of the West.

Notable People:

River-master Phuram Dayal – Head of the river operations and de facto leader of Trela.

Radraan of Sehanine – Keeper of the Midnight Shrine, the local shrine to Sehanine. He is a silken speaker and very charismatic though his smile rarely reaches his eyes.

Jonegar – Captain of the Riverguard (Trela’s Militia Force)

Paransala – Only real wizard of note in Trela.

Talbot Cormath – The Bard of Trela. He spends most of his days wandering the town with a tune on his harp and a song on his lips.


Village with a population 450 (Humans 75%, Halflings 16%, Half-Orcs 2%, Goliath 2%, Elves 1%, Dwarves 1%, Dragonborn 1%, Eladrin 1%, Shifter 1%)

Militia: 5 full-time Riverguards, 23 individuals that can be ‘called up’


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