The campaign starts in Trela, a small river trading village. The following are some potential ideas for a character to select as a background. There is no requirement to use one of these as long as the character’s background meets the following 2 requirements:

1) Something has brought the character to Trela at this point in time
2) Every character must know at least one other character

A Resident of Trela
If the character’s race is one of those found in the village then their family may also have been here for a couple of generations and the character is a resident of Trela.

You are not born and raised in Trela and have travelled to this village hoping to find your place in the community, you’ve probably forged a close bond with at least one of the local citizens. You may be employed here.

The character is part of one of the merchant caravans that come through the village (or plies the river). The character may be part of a merchant family or may have been a hired caravan guard.

The character may be from one of the outlying farms near the area. No real restrictions on race for those from the farms as they are considered ‘outside’ of the village. However, someone from a nearby farm would be know evveryone from the village.

You are Speshkal… cause your Mom says you are ;) If there are players that want a race/class choice that may allow them to have a slighty different starting circumstance…. let me know and we will work it out individually.


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