Lesser of Two Evils

The Raging Storm


When we last left our hearty adventurers, they had just lit the roof of the Asaathi hut on fire..

The results were as expected… the Asaathi came pouring out of their huts as the rain came pouring from the skies. The fire also had the added effect of working as a signal fire for the Slithern Ratmen guarding the cave as the adventurers found out when they joined the fight.

The raging storm and the spells cast by the Asaathi casters made for very poor visibility (well.. the Bard was blinded so he didn’t notice…) and the fight did not go as well for the party as they had at first hoped.

Suddenly a large (9’) figure appeared in the storm and swooped at the party… the Sorcerer was able to identify it as a Storm Hag, one of the minions of Mormo. She had a friendly message for our party (now besieged from the air as well as being outnumbered more than 2 to 1 on the ground). She told them “Fool servants of the gods! Your end is at hand!”…

Sadly for the Storm Hag… at that moment the clouds burst with a deep purple brilliance and two large scaled creatures with wickedly barbed tails and bearing barbed whips appeared.. their chests seared with the symbol of Chardun. These two late comers gave chase and a fantastic running battle began above.

The results on the ground were just as astounding as the combatants decided they that wanted to be elsewhere.. quickly.

Surveying the area as their foes fled, the Dwarven Battlrager noticed that there was one Slithern at the entrance to the cave with a red robe and another starting to climb the cliff… He thought nothing of this and went back to join the party.

The party decided to check the huts, find the Amphora and leave. As sharper eyed party members came around the hut, they noticed the the red robed Slithern was still standing by the cave and the one that was climbing had a large sack over its back with an Amphora shaped bulge in it…

The party rushed to engage both the robed creature (that identified itself as the Storm of Blood!) whilst those few with missiles tried to knock down the one climbing the cliff… alas, with the rain, the head start it had and the fight they had just been through.. their aim was not what it could be. While the battle raged with the Storm of Blood (who lobbed a nasty, large glob of Acid in the Bards face…. it wasn’t not a good day for the Bard and his eyes it seemed) while the Sorcerer had to run right to the bottom of the cliff, stretch up as far as he could to fire off his magical ball of Chaos… and just managed to hit the climbing Slithern at his utmost range… the hit was good enough to cause the Slithern to lose his grip and Gravity did the rest.

Once all the foes were dispatched, the part checked out the cave and looted the nest of the Storm of Blood and decided to immediately head back to Trela. That first night, while the party camped on the Blood Steepes on their way back they were attacked by some of the remnants of the Titan War… the camp was overrun with zombies and their zombified war dogs…. another brutal fight ensued with the Bard going down first and making a Heroic recovery… only to go down again. The party was eventually victorious and the Bard was not terminally injured… A couple of hours after they had set off in the morning the Halfling was heard muttering “I wonder if Zombies would carry treasure?? Nah… couldn’t have…”



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