Lesser of Two Evils

Carnival Day

Fate has brought all of our Heroes to the small village of Trela on their Carnival of Flowers day.

The results for those that competed in the events of the day were:

Elder Rod Duel:

Book was eliminated in the first round. He proved hard to hit but, alas, could not land a strike himself.

Kay ended up coming in second in the competition… again this year… although there was a fair bit of controversy as ‘someone’ in the crowd kept hitting hit his competition with stones at inopportune (or opportune depending how you looked at it) times.

Bardic Competition:

Kay won in an impressive manner… It left no doubt in anyone’s minds, even last years winner The Bard of Trela. For his win he was presented a travel Harp touched in gold and crafted of fine woods.

Besides the events there was some criminal investigation and arrests… some trumped up charges that didn’t stick… which (sadly for Tungdil aka “Fireheart”) did not result in a brawl either.

As the evenings events were coming to a close and the feasting moved out of doors, Kay had a bloodied Ranger stumble into him. This Ranger turned out to be Content Not Found: Eochad-the-ranger, an old acquaintance of Kay from his days in Lave.

Eochad had a story, he was with a patrol of Vigils of Vesh when they heard of some artifact that the titanspawn had gotten ahold of. They were the closest patrol and were tasked with retrieving it. After ambushing the titanspawn and making off with the Artifact, they were pursued across the Blood Steppes, being picked off one or two at a time until only Eochad was left alive.

Eochad was attacked just outside Trela and, despite being shot with a poison bolt, managed to kill off his attacker.

Eochad asked our Heroes to ensure that the artifact (the Serpent Amphora) was returned to the Vigil of Vesh so that the titanspawn would not get it. Kay promised that he would make the trip to Lave and return the item.

After a ‘discussion’ with Radrann, the local priest of Belsameth, the group retreated to the secret underground lair of Falorin. The party was discussing hiding for the night then possibly getting hire with one of the caravans heading up river in the morning (both adding more protection as well as making a little bit of coin on the way).


Embarrassing outing for Book. Went through it over and over again in the evening, what threw him off? Couldn’t get the weight in the rod right. No excuse, had to fight with lots of improvised weapons in the gladiator days. Sigh. Maybe it was Morahdin’s will.

Carnival Day

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